match1 [mach]
[ME macche < OFr mesche, wick of a candle, match < VL * micca, prob. altered (by assoc. with muccare, to snuff a candle, orig., to blow one's nose < L mucus, MUCUS) < L myxa < Gr, lamp wick, lit., nasal discharge, akin to L mucus]
1. Obs. a wick or cord prepared to burn at a uniform rate, used for firing guns or explosives
2. a slender piece of wood, cardboard, waxed cord, etc. tipped with a composition that catches fire by friction, sometimes only when rubbed on a specially prepared surface
match2 [mach]
[ME macche < OE (ge)mæcca, one suited to another, mate < base of macian, to MAKE1]
1. any person or thing equal or similar to another in some way; specif.,
a) a person, group, or thing able to cope with or oppose another as an equal in power, size, etc.; peer
b) a counterpart or facsimile
c) either of two corresponding things or persons; one of a pair
2. two or more persons or things that go together in appearance, size, or other quality; pair [a purse and shoes that are a good match]
3. a contest or game involving two or more contestants, specif., a series of usually three sets in tennis
a) an agreement to marry or mate
b) a marriage or mating [to make a good match]
5. a person regarded as a suitable or possible mate
1. to join in marriage; get a (suitable) match for; mate
a) Now Rare to meet as an antagonist
b) to compete with successfully
3. to put in opposition (with); pit ( against)
4. to be equal, similar, suitable, or corresponding to in some way [his looks match his character]
5. to make, show, produce, or get a competitor, counterpart, or equivalent to [to match a piece of cloth]
6. to suit or fit (one thing) to another
7. to fit (things) together; make similar or corresponding
8. to compare
a) to flip or reveal (coins) as a form of gambling or to decide something contested, the winner being determined by the combination of faces thus exposed
b) to match coins with (another person), usually betting that the same faces will be exposed
1. to be equal, similar, suitable, or corresponding in some way
2. Obs. to mate
match up
1. MATCH2 (vt. 3)
2. COMPARE (vi. 3)

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